List Immobilien

List Immobilien GmbH
Esteplatz 3
1030 Vienna, Austria
t (+43-1) 713 74 11
f (+43-1) 713 74 11-11

List Immobilien specializes in brokering and facilitating investments in rental properties, office, commercial properties, like building sites (lots), condominiums and villas. We have these properties under offer. The concentration of these emphases plus the continuing education of our team ensures our customers competent advice and valuable transactions.

List Immobilien integrates intensive communication, many years of experience and an excellent, specialized knowledge to develop an individual, effective product. Detailed analysis, exact market knowledge and personal care lead to an optimal marketing effort and therewith a maximization of the value of your property.

List Immobilien is your partner for appraisals and sales of property.
Our achievements are:

  • Market compliant appraisals based on 20 years of experience in the vienna property market
  • Careful formatting and precise analysis of potential (due diligence)
  • Architectural studies for the purpose of optimizing the value of your property
  • And professional presentation of your property to our customers